TOSHIBA 8.0 Kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (TW-BJ90M4-IND, White)

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It is a one of a kind washing machine with the Great Waves Technology that uses both Flush Wave and Cold Wash, Which leads to great saving of energy up to 67% and colour protecting performance for laundry. It is a Colour Alive Washing Machinedecreased the decolouring degree by 39%, which means it enhances colours of your laundry, so your clothes only get newer, not older The Real Inverter Motor in this Washing Machinegenerates higher rotational speed, driving force is stronger and bring superior clean performance with lesser noise. Its comes with 10 year warranty. With 1400 RPM, it washes clothes with rigour and sensitivity both To give your washing an extra edge, we present Cyclone Mix,In this Detergent drawer implanted with revolving impeller, which accelerates dissolution of detergent. Hence improves washing performance and increase the detergent dissolution rate by 20% Its 490 mm Mega Door makes loading laundry a one-go, fun thing to do The 15-minute Quick Wash function gives you the flexibility and the option when you need to fix your laundry and fast Its Anti-Allergy function keeps common allergens at bay Its distinctly different 12 Wash Program let you find the perfect setting for your laundry and your lifestyle It’s Integrated and Water-Proof Control Panel makes doing laundry stress-free and fast since you can operate it with wet hands too


  • he science of washing requires an intuitive combination of water flow and suitable turbulence. Unique to Toshiba washers, The GreatWaves Technology uses an s-type paddle, crystal inner drum, larger drum diameter and intuitive machine control to deliver meticulous and innovative actions. The technology generates a perfect washing action to break and remove stubborn stains while maintaining the quality of your fabric.


  • After every wash cycle, there will be dirt, soil, grease and detergent residues remaining behind the drum of the washing machine. With Drum Sterilization you will only need to operate Tub Clean once every 3 months.


  • Toshiba's Real Inverter motor is designed to create a higher efficiency, reduce noise levels and reduce energy consumption. The extraordinary motor efficiency surge can provide up to 80% less energy consumption* and 11.4% lower noise levels.


  • Because small details can make a big difference, thoughtful technology is designed to ensure maximum efficiency and positive results.An inbuilt detergent mixer that dissolves detergents with water and dispenses a fine particle mix into the wash cycle, Cyclone Mix improves the wash performance by up to 20%.


  • Toshiba's laundry products are the result of more than 95 years of expertise and understanding of fabric fibers and their nature. Toshiba's ColorAlive technology protects fabrics and preserves their colors, reducing discoloration by 39% and deformation by 45%, as well as saving up power by 70%.Additionally, the user-centered innovation enables the same results with cold wash.